Songs to make you sing and get you thinking

Fil and Tom have become known for their original songs with a quirky look at life.


A night at one of their concerts will send you home with a smile on your face 
having sung your heart out for the evening and laughed at the ridiculous stories they pick up along the road, 

while their sensitive take on life going on around us at the moment will send you home thinking.


Listen now to the songs from the latest CD Together.

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"Vocals and Rhythm ... a unique combination"  Zitty Magazine, Berlin



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Upcoming Shows

  • Feb 5

    The Emigrant Woman's Tale


  • Feb 7

    Emigrant Woman's Tale

    An Tain Arts Centre, Dundalk

  • Mar 6

    Emigrant Woman's Tale

    The Playhouse Theatre, Derry

  • Mar 8

    The Emigrant Woman's Tale


  • Mar 14

    Emigrant Woman's Tale